My projects

As a student of Computer Science many of my homework and projects were programmed in different languages.
Down below is a list of projects worth mentioning with description. 

Check out my Github to see more.

Most notable projects

AngularJS and Firebase (2017-ongoing)            

In the second year of my university studies I developed a grade-level project in AngularJS and Firebase.

I was responsible for the idea of the project, its development, testing and deployment. This is the most complex and complicated project I worked on. Maroš Mačak, student of ČVUT in Prague, helped me with the development in the first few weeks, but later decided not to participate anymore. 

Click here to learn more about this project

Bootstrap and CMS websites (2011-ongoing)

I enjoy creating websites for small businesses and friends. 
I'm capable of developing, designing, deploying and managing websites. 

E-shops or representative websites are my favourite assignments but I'm open to almost any more specific assignments.

Most important websites:

  • - a WordPress website of a company that sells food additives, pure chemicals and much more. I manage and co-created this website. This website is still being developed. 
  • - another WordPress website of a apartment hotel Penzion ToRo. I created this website.
  • projectsite for wishit - a Bootstrap website about one of my projects. TODO: optimize for mobiles

Less important websites:

  • - an older Drupal website of a dance group from Liptov, Slovakia. I designed and sometimes I also help to manage this site. Update required but not requested from the client
  • - another older Drupal website of a small business. Update required but not requested from the client

Projects worth mentioning

Arduino (2014-ongoing)

Arduino is an open-source project that created microcontroller-based kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control physical devices. (wikipedia) 

I've created several simple easy-to-do projects using Arduino Uno. 

The most complex one was a little weather station measuring temperature and humidity. A 16x2 LCD display was displaying the values .  GitHub

Other projects included basic sensors from this kit. 

All of my future projects will be properly shared on GitHub and posted here.

Bash and AWK (2015-2017)

I used bash and awk to learn basic text operations and other funcionalities in UNIX-based systems. 
Sed, grep, and regex are familiar to me.

My most notable project was a pexeso game made in AWK. This was a game played in console. Pexeso units were special characters and the player was obviously meant to find all the pairs on board. There were various difficulty levels to choose from:  2x2, 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8.

This project is on Github although its documentation is only in Slovak.

C and C++ (2014-2018)            

High school programming consisted of very simple task such as basic math problems (Pythagorean triples, triangle inequality and quadratic equation solver). 

Later in my first programming class we used C to learn the fundamentals of programming such as data structures, recursion and many other.

I've used C++ in a more advanced classes Algorithm and Data structures, Effective Algorithms to solve problems such as Knapsack problem, Minimum spanning tree, edited Dijkstra's, Kruskal's, Floyd-Warshal's algorithms as my homework to pass these classes. I also used Java for some of these mini-projects. These projects were not important enought to be posted on my GitHub

I attended a System Programming and Operating system class. We were using system based C to program these projects:

  • A multithreading cat - two threads were used to cat a file. One of the thread was reading and preparing chars to be printed. The other was printing these chars to the basic output. My solution was working quite well, with a small bug.  GitHub
  • Memory allocator - I was to implement a new alloc.c only using msize(), mwrite() and mread().
  • File system - a simplified version of FAT file system

Java (2015-ongoing)            

I learned the object oriented paradigm in this programming language. 

In two semesters of programming in Java I learned various design patterns such as Singleton, Composite, Bridge, Memento, Strategy, Abstract Factory, Decorator, Iterator, Visitor, Command, Observer, State and some projects with more specific thread organization.  A huge project I co-developed in this lesson in on my   GitHub. It is important to state that not all of the code in this project has been written by me.

Principles of Software Development class consisted (not only but mainly) of implementing a domain model and so I used Java as I consider myself somewhere close to intermediate in Java. Below is concrete example of a homework I had to implement

Model of a small restaurant

Although the assigment wasn't clear about how each component should work per se,  
I implemented it in a way so it would be easy to edit or customize.

This project is available on my GitHub.

There are also JUnit test for testing components.

Pascal (2015-2016)           

In 2016 I was using Lazarus to solve simple tasks assigned in programming lectures. 

The most complex one was a Pascal syntax highlighter. Based on the input, this program created a HTML document in which keywords, variables, operators and other syntactically important text was highlighted. This project is on my GitHub .

Here is a example code in Pascal and the HTML highlighted output of the program.